CLP 2016: Day 9 - Sunday, June 19

College Leaders Program, Class of 2016
Day 9: June 19, 2016
Reported by Danielle Gonyo, George Mason University

Today, we were finally allowed to sleep in past 9:00 AM and we were treated to brunch from Jason’s Deli. After all of the stragglers finally woke up at noon, we participated in a game of trivia, which targeted three different categories: facts about Washington, DC; America’s presidents; and local/state politics.

After my team won trivia, we all ventured out into Charlottesville to complete a scavenger hunt. Each team had one hour to take pictures of as many things around Charlottesville as possible according to a predetermined list, and a point or two was awarded for each item found. Some of these items included a man with a beard, Edgar Allen Poe’s dorm room, a piece of the Berlin Wall, and a picture of a group member kissing a statue of Thomas Jefferson. Despite everyone’s best efforts, Team #BroadsInAtlanta ended up winning the game overall.

Following the end of the “Fundatory Activity,” people broke off to do what they wanted for the afternoon. Some went to Carter Mountain Orchard to pick peaches while others took naps to refresh before the long week ahead. We had Chipotle for dinner and groups spent the evening working on our culminating policy projects.

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Sunday, Jun 19, 2016