HSLP 2016: Day 12 - Wednesday, July 20

High School Leaders Program, Class of 2016
Day 12: Wednesday, July 20, 2016
Reported by: Oliver Simon, Princess Anne High School and Sasha Grossman, Oakton High School
Today the Sorensen HSLP spent the day touring and meeting with various individuals affiliated with the General Assembly in Richmond, Virginia. Upon arrival to the General Assembly at approximately 9:00 am we were revived by a much needed fresh supply of Sugar Shack Doughnuts. We then met with various speakers whom were employed there. First we heard from Ashley Meyers who works in relations, specifically between UVA and the General Assembly. She spoke of the general status of higher education in the Commonwealth. We also spoke with Alexis Rodgers and Chris West who addressed our respective legislative projects. This experience was good for every team because Mr. West provided a more conservative analysis to our legislation while Mrs. Rodgers provided a significantly more liberal perspective.
After lunch we spoke with former Lieutenant Governor John Hager. This speech allowed us to learn about the history of Virginia politics as well as receive more insight into the workings of the Sorensen Institute. The day concluded with a presentation from Brian Coy who is the Director of Communications for the Governor followed by an all around tour of the Capitol Building. This tour was extremely informational and provided a unique perspective into the history of our Commonwealth and the extent to which Virginia has set the precedent for democratic government over the last several hundred years. Overall it was a very informative day and much of the information which have been learning over the last week and a half was brought together and presented on a realistic level.   
Wednesday, Jul 20, 2016