HSLP 2017, Session B: Day 10

Reported by: Thomas Liu (劉奐呈) (Langley High School) and Alex Moreno (Western Albemarle High School)

After an interesting Senate simulation on Sunday, Monday brought a movie, a variety of speakers and a unique lesson taught by Mr. Walls.

The movie A Perfect Candidate was about the 1994 senate race in Virginia between Ollie North and Chuck Robb. Learning about the issues in Virginia in 1994 and about the campaign style, which was very personal and combative, was thought-provoking and similar in some ways to current politics.

After the movie, Samantha Sedivy, a Sorensen alumna, came to talk to us about her experience working as a legislative aid for Senate Majority Leader Tommy Norment, the process of applying to law school, and her law school experience. She also spoke about her current work as the law clerk for two judges on the Sixth Judicial Circuit of Virginia. Ms. Sedivy then shared her thoughts on the American legal system and answered questions about jury selection, also known as voir dire.

Our second speaker, Barbara Kessler, taught us how to perfect our resumes so they could more accurately represent our individuality and strengths. She put us through a workshop that helped us identify positive personal traits by sharing defining personal experiences with classmates.

After the workshop, Mr. Walls taught us a compelling lesson about the significance of statistics and the policymaking process. Then we headed back to our dorms and continued to work on our policy presentations for Friday.

Sunday, Jul 30, 2017