HSLP 2017, Session B: Day 2

Reported by: Eleni Fafoutis (Bishop Sullivan Catholic High School) & William Rodriguez (Saint Christopher’s School)

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Instead of jumping straight into the classroom, we began the Sorensen program with a full day of team building at the University of Virginia’s Poplar Ridge Challenge Course. Besides giving us a fun way to spend our Sunday, the Challenge Course was designed to help us grow both individually and as a class.

Each challenge forced us to push ourselves in a different way, but they all ultimately tied back to communication and teamwork. Some - like trying to lower a hula hoop to the ground using all of our index fingers at the same time - seemed simple but proved to be surprisingly difficult. Others seemed daunting at first but became easier with each attempt.

After lunch, we proceeded to the main event: the high ropes course. The course consisted of what looked like a massive rope ladder with wooden rungs several feet apart. With the support of classmates down below, 

who pulled the ropes that raised and lowered us, we climbed the ladder in pairs. As hard as the ropes course was, helping each conquer it was the highlight of the day and of our Sorensen experience so far.

By the time we finished with the high ropes course we were all more than ready to head back indoors. Today was exhausting in the best way possible. Not all of the challenges we'll face here will be so much fun to overcome, but hopefully now we'll have the trust and confidence necessary to do so with ease.

Saturday, Jul 22, 2017