HSLP 2018: Day 5

Reported by: Owen Thacker, Western Albemarle High School and Harry Bolvin, West Springfield High School

Early this morning, the Sorensen High School Leaders Program boarded a charter bus to go to Rockingham County, home of the Cub Run Dairy Farm. There, we toured the advanced facilities and learned about the intricate process of milking their herd of 600+ cows. The farmer Gerald Heatwole was very charismatic, invested in what he does, and extremely welcoming of the Sorensen Institute. After the farm, we boarded the bus to a restaurant where we all ate a wonderful meal around tables in a private room.

Lastly, we listened to two speakers, Cathy Copeland and Josh Humphries, both employees of James Madison University, Ms. Copeland as a professor and Mr. Humphries as the University's "in-house lobbyist." After their speeches on policy and education, we took a brief walking tour of James Madison.

The day ended with a relaxing ride back over the Blue Ridge Mountains to Charlottesville, the bus a mix of low chatter of policy work, an occasional snore, and the hum of the wheels on the highway.

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Wednesday, Jul 11, 2018