HSLP 2018: Day 7

Reported By: Declan Boyle- Kettle Run High School, Sabria Kazmi- Thomas Jefferson High School, and
Davis Scott- Saint Andrew’s School

Today may have been Friday the 13th, but luckily class went off without a hitch. We
started class with a Resume Workshop given by Natalie Moore, CEO of Moore than Words.
Moore was introduced by Emily Carder, and gave many astute tips on how to write a stunning
resume; such as always write a cover letter and use a different font for your name so it is more
memorable. After Moore finished her workshop, Declan Boyle introduced Ali Mislowsky of the
Virginia Public Access Project (VPAP). The committee’s primary goal is to show what lobbyists
are donating money to Virginia’s politicians. The VPAP website consisted of three main
categories, the VaNews component - which Mislowsky is the Coordinator of, the donation
reports, and the election statistics. After Mislowsky finished speaking, lunch was catered from
Bodo’s. Lunch was a delicious variety of bagel sandwiches, as well as chips and salads.

Our first speaker after lunch was Ridge Schuyler, the Dean of Community
Self-Sufficiency Programs at Piedmont Virginia Community College, who was introduced by
Caroline Tyler. Schuyler talked about his variety of positions throughout his legal and political
career, and how his career path changed as he learned more about himself and his interests.
Following Schuyler, Felix Sarfo-Kantanka and Jeff Britt were introduced by Harry Bolvin and
Kareem Baig, respectively. They were a particularly an interesting duo because they align with
different political parties, but remained friends while and after working together at
McGuireWoods. Currently, Britt still works at McGuireWoods, while Sarfo-Kantanka now
works at Dominion Energy. Both discussed how they got to the positions they have today and
their experience working across the aisle to reach a solution. The next speaker was Stephen
Harvey, a congressional staffer for Congressman Garrett. Harvey graduated from Flight School
and talked about his experience in the army and how he transitioned to a career in politics. Our
last speaker of the day brought a lot of energy to the group by starting off with an icebreaker.
Involving candy, which is always a good idea. After telling us about his personal career and
experience that led him to his current title of Chief of Staff for delegate Jay Jones. He also
offered advice to our policy groups on our proposed legislation and gave time for us to give
additional feedback to our classmates.

All the speakers today were phenomenal. Although they spoke on different topics and
brought different perspectives, they all used their life experiences to give us helpful advice to
expand our understanding of government and how to navigate the political field.

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Friday, Jul 13, 2018