HSLP 2018: Day 9

Reported by: Celina Ryan, The Potomac School and Maxwell Clegg, Washington-Lee High School

This morning, the Sorensen High School Leaders Program began the day with brunch and the World Cup. We watched France defeat Croatia to start off our day ( VIVE LE FRANCE). Afterward, we split into three random groups to play a fun game. The game was a type of charades, but instead of never being able to talk, we decreased the number of words we could say from 3 to 0 every round.  

After the games, the Scavenger Hunt began. All of the students were put into a group, different from the one we had for charades. The objective was to find all the things on the list. Some of these things were main attractions on campus; such as, the “Z” that pop up around campus; fraternity houses; statues; and most importantly, a campus dog. We ran around campus in hopes to defeat the other groups by beating them back to Bice with the most amount of attractions seen. To make sure we have actually seen these attractions, we had to send a selfie of our group to the famous Sorensen iPhone.

We ended the day with our policy project groups. Some groups worked more diligently than others, but all of us crammed most of the work from the past couple days into a one-night affair. After a fun weekend, all of us are ready to get back to long readings, and working lunches!

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Monday, Jul 16, 2018