Reported by: Abby Gray, Saint Gertrude High School, and Caroline Leibowitz, West Potomac High School

On a rainy day in Charlottesville, the students of Sorensen wished Lauren Francis a happy 17th birthday. As we’re all scrambling to get ready, a text pings: it’s from the Sorensen iPhone! The best birthday gift of all, was the privilege to go to breakfast in our pajamas due to class being delayed. After our restful morning, a dreary walk to the Clark building took place. We took our seats and listened to Ali Mislowski from VPAP (Virginia Political Action Program) give a stimulating presentation on maps and data according to Virginia politics.

After a leisurely lunch at O-Hill (emphasis on the red velvet cake) we ventured back to the classroom to listen to Jim Pomeroy, the Legislative Aide for Congressman Riggleman. Mr. Pomeroy talked with us about what working on the Hill is like. We Also learned about how he dealt with turnover in between elections, and whether or not an elected official would run for reelection. Then we heard an informative lecture from our very own Lauren Gilbert on six different styles of thinking, also known as the “Hats of Thinking” to help us improve on our culminating policy projects.

Finally, we heard from Megan Huebeck, director of instruction for UVA’s Center for Politics. Who intellectually articulated how we see civility and how it changes based on the atmosphere around us. She utilized an analogy about our bumper stickers meaning we truly support a cause, with that she showed us some pictures of her personal sightings of filled bumpers. Overall we had a wonderful day and can’t wait for the amazing fun to be had in Richmond tomorrow. HSLP Day 11 July 23

Tuesday, Jul 23, 2019