Reported by: Lauren Francis, Yorktown High School, and P.T. Meadors, Lakeland High School

As we went into day nine of Sorenson HSLP, we started with a walk to the lawn. Diving into groups, we began a scavenger hunt around the University of Virginia campus. While looking for buildings named after presidents, taking pictures with bearded men, searching for secret society symbols, running around The Aviator statue outside of Alderman Library; we had the exuberating opportunity to view this beautiful campus. We ended our morning with lunch at O-Hill, exhausted from walking around grounds. 

After lunch, we walked back to the dorms and found ourselves greeted by the prospect of a water-balloon war. What started off as a simple game of water-balloon toss quickly became a free-for-all. The battle was intense. Buckets were filled, water bottles emptied, and fun was had by all. Some memorable moments include the resurrection of the ALS Ice-Bucket Challenge and spending hours drying off and drawing with some chalk.

After dinner, we concluded our evening with s'mores, readings, and working diligently on policy projects. As we head into the second week of the program, we look forward to strengthening newfound friendships and hearing from more incredible speakers.HSLP 2019 Day 9, students enjoying smores

Sunday, Jul 21, 2019