The Sorensen Institute for Political Leadership is proud of the positive community impacts being advanced by its 2200+ member alumni network. Many alumni are already working to create positive change in this difficult moment for our Commonwealth and country.

We are particularly proud today of one of our alumni, Wendell Taylor, a member of the Political Leaders Program Class of 2001. Wendell has shared a gripping testimonial about his experience as an African American — even as a prosecutor he could not avoid searing, painful experiences. We are sharing his Soundcloud recording with his permission.

We are also proud that Wendell has risen to the top of his profession, serving as Managing Partner of the Washington DC office of the international law firm HuntonAndrewsKurth, handling complex litigation matters. Previously, Wendell held a high level position at the U.S. Department of Justice, served as a Special Assistant US Attorney in the District of Columbia and as a prosecutor in the Richmond Commonwealth Attorney’s Office.

In many other ways, he has had a positive impact in the Commonwealth of Virginia and used his talents to better the lives of others. Our goal at Sorensen is to play a part in the development of effective public leaders like Wendell, and part of our programs includes building empathy for the personal experiences of each class member and an openness to what we might learn in the process of sharing our lived experiences.


Listen to Wendell Taylor - Our Pain on Soundcloud