High School Leaders Program
Day 6: Friday, July 15

Reported by: Emma Stallings, StoneBridge School, and Richard Comstock, McLean High School

Today was our 6th day of the High School Leaders Program, where the majority of the time was spent in class listening to different speakers. In the morning, we listened to Mrs. Huebeck discuss the Virginia Way and the application of the Rule of Law in Virginia. This topic carried on until noon. During this time we heard terms such as “Moonlight and Magnolias” which refers to the Virginia Way. After the morning lecture, we made the hike to Ohill to enjoy our lunch break. Then, we returned to class and met with our first speaker, Bianca Casper. Her occupation is serving as a legislative aid to Senator Jennifer McClellan. She discussed how she was able to gain skills from each of her careers and apply them to her current job. She focused on showing the value of hard work and her ability to overcome many obstacles during her career. Next, we heard from Donna Price, a transgender woman who is also a Navy veteran of 25 years. She spoke out about her difficulties navigating her life as a trans woman and focused on teaching us the values of equality and respect. After that, we heard from a panel of 4 attorneys who answered many questions such as choosing career paths after law school, how to accomplish things at your own pace, and how to balance ethics and business. Once class was over, we all headed to Ohill once more, this time for dinner. After a great meal, we headed back to Gooch and slept well! This concludes our first Friday of the High School Leaders Program!

Law School Panel