HSLP 2017: Day 4

Reported by Yirehi Del Valle Roman (TC Williams High School) and Catherine Quian (Maggie L. Walker Governor's School)

For class today, each group was responsible for reading about a period of Virginia’s political history. Mr. Walls divided us into six groups, each of which was asked to prepare a presentation covering a specific period in Virginia's political history ranging from the zenith of Harry Byrd's political machine to the climactic 2001 gubernatorial election. Because of the date, we had the unique honor of holding class in the beautiful Rotunda.

Presentations went well, and at lunch Mr. Walls talked all about his experiences as an attorney, his work with political campaigns, and even his love of Arthur Miller. The most exciting moment of the day came after lunch, when our culminating project groups—Public Health, Education, Government Policy, and Environmental Policy—were announced.

As the day progressed, we got ready for some patriotic Fourth of July festivities, beginning with an all-American dinner: burgers, hot dogs, and potato salad. After that we boarded the bus for Carter Mountain, where we spent the evening playing cornhole, enjoying peach ice cream and each other’s company, and watching some spectacular fireworks displays. 

Finally, we ended the evening in our dorm's Suite 607, jamming out to some African music and getting ready to be "over the MOOOOn" tomorrow at our dairy farm field trip.

Monday, Jul 3, 2017