HSLP 2018: Day 1

Reported by: Declan Zelazny, James Monroe High School and Rajaah Alagib, Albemarle High School

Today marks the first of many adventures for the Sorensen HSLP Class of 2018.

We started our day moving into our dorm suites here at UVA and meeting our suitemates and their families. After move-in, our families said their goodbyes—a new experience for many of us.

After making ourselves familiar with these new faces, we embarked on a tour of UVA's Grounds lead by our Youth Program Managers. The beautiful campus and surrounding area features landmarks such as the Rotunda, the Corner, and a slab of the Berlin Wall. After familiarizing ourselves with Grounds, we returned to Bice House for a program orientation followed by bingo and dinner.

During our meal, we learned from Tom Walls, Sorensen's executive director, about the current political climate in Virginia. He answered all of our questions thoroughly and informed us on new mindsets regarding political polarization in Virginia. Afterwards, we were dismissed to our rooms to get to know our peers. Evening activities included eating ice cream, playing Fortnight, making brownies, and of course listening to music!

Overall, we had a tiring, but fun day, and the fun continues tomorrow!

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Saturday, Jul 7, 2018