Now Hiring 2017 Youth Program Managers!

The Sorensen Institute for Political Leadership is seeking applicants to be a Youth Program Manager in the summer of 2017 for its two High School Leaders Programs.

Both programs are residential at the University of Virginia. Each program is two weeks, with the HSLP Session A running from July 1-15, and HSLP Session B running from July 22-August 5.

Desirable qualifications are: effective time management skills; a high degree of organization; the ability to work with high school students in a residential and classroom setting; knowledge of Virginia government and politics; significant peer leadership experience; experience working in a peer-to-peer counseling setting; a good understanding of professionalism; strong written and oral communication abilities; a strong belief in ethical behavior; and excellent human relations skills.

Applicants must be 21 years of age by program start dates. Applicants should also be prepared to bring a personal computer or laptop for their own use, and it would be beneficial for an applicant to have a car.

The regular positions will run from June 28 until August 7. During the program, Youth Program Managers will be required to live in residence with the students every night and work each day, with some half-days off duty.  There will also be some vacation time between programs. There may be some limited work requirements to assist in preparation for the youth programs in late May and early June.  Program Managers will receive room and board with the students during the programs, as well as a university parking pass, in addition to a stipend.

Applications should include: a current resume; a letter of recommendation; three references that may be contacted; and a brief letter explaining why the applicant is interested in the position.

Questions and applications can be directed to Director of Programs Lauren Gilbert at (434) 243-2844, or Lauren Gilbert, Sorensen Institute for Political Leadership, P.O. Box 400206, Charlottesville, VA 22904.  Applications must be submitted by Wednesday, February 15, 2017 at midnight for consideration.  Qualified applicants will be contacted to arrange an interview via phone after this date.


$2,400.00 plus room, board, and meals during program

Applications must be submitted by Wednesday, February 15, 2017 at midnight for consideration.

A. The full time position runs from June 28 to August 7, 2017.
B. Be in residence at the University of Virginia at all times when students are in the dorms with some time off each week.
C. Assist in the daily operations of the programs - supervise students during the day, be on call certain evenings to assist students, serve as a mentor and guide for students, complete administrative work at the Sorensen office, etc.
D. Travel with the programs on all field trips.

E. Advise students in preparation of their culminating project as outlined in program materials. Oversee at least one student research group.

F. Provide administrative support during the program - help with coordination of activities, contact with speakers, development of culminating project groups, evening activities.
G. Coordinate social events for the students in the programs.

H. Provide reasonable assistance to the Sorensen Institute in the recruitment and selection of program participants.

I. Assist in evaluating students completing the HSLP for academic credit.
J. Other tasks necessary for the operation of the programs as requested by the Sorensen Institute's staff


Wednesday, Dec 7, 2016