PLP 2016 Profile: Albert Flores

Monday, Jan 31, 2017
Albert "Bubba" Flores
Birthplace and/or where you grew up:
San Jose, California
Current Digs:
Richmond, Virginia
Attorney - Prosecutor; Major, U.S. Marine Corps Reserves
Favorite part about the job:
As a prosecutor, I appreciate that I am responsible each day for upholding the U.S. Constitution and the laws of Virginia.  The stakes are high for all persons involved, and I am privileged to be charged with such responsibility.
Your first job ever:
Lifeguard at Raging Waters in San Jose, California.  I have never been more tan in my life.
Favorite Book:
“Shadow Divers” by Robert Kurson.  A true story about a small group of shipwreck divers who took incredible risks over a period of six years in the early 1990s to determine the identity of a German U-Boat submarine sunk off the coast of New Jersey during WWII.  The incredible story reminds me that recreational ambition is important to maintain a balanced life, and that passion is a powerful force in this short life we have on earth.
Comfort Food:
Pizza.  Anytime, anywhere.
What’s playing in your car right now?
An audio book: “Rise of ISIS: A Threat We Can't Ignore” by Jay Sekulow.  If the audio book is not on, I’m flipping back and forth between NPR, 90’s rap, e.g. Tupac, the local country station, or “The Boss” (Springsteen).
Next journey?
Fatherhood.  In 2015 my wife and I welcomed our first child into the world – a beautiful girl, Miriam.  We are expecting a son this coming December.  Everyday I spend with my family is a blessing and I hope to be the father and husband they deserve.  But, my wife recently gave me the green light, and I’m currently working towards becoming to be the first person to conquer Mt. Everest above and below the sea.  Above: Mt. Everest.  Below: dive the Andrea Dorea shipwreck, known as the Mt. Everest of shipwreck dives because of the treachery and difficulty of the dive.
Favorite Virginia destination?
Crabtree Falls in the George Washington National Forest in Nelson County.  My wife and I would never leave there if we didn’t have to worry about the real world.
First political memory?
The Challenger Space Shuttle disaster on January 28, 1986.  That day, President Ronald Reagan was supposed to deliver the State of the Union Address.  Instead, he led the nation in mourning by delivering a national broadcast in lieu of the State of the Union Address.  My parents sat me down to watch his speech.  It was the day I learned of space travel and of the President of the United States.
Best advice you ever got?
Be kind and be pleasant to people because everyone is facing a battle in his or her own lives.
If you could have dinner with anyone currently living, whom would it be and why?
Without hesitation, until he died this year, it would have been Muhammad Ali.  His courage to stay true to his convictions in the face of personal sacrifice while enduring public disapproval inspires me.  But now, it would be the Rock.  If you know anything about him, you would know that his work ethic is practically unrivaled.  At dinner, I would be sure to give him my best impersonation of him.
One thing most people would be surprised to learn about you?
As a child, my biggest fear was to be abducted by aliens.  I have the movie “Fire in the Sky” to thank for that.  The fear still sits with me.
Ambition, political or otherwise?
The experiences I gained from combat and military service have shaped the person I am, and my vision of the person I hope to become.  I have a deeper appreciation for life, community, leadership by example, and the hardship that comes with preserving the security of our great nation.  I intend to apply my experience in furtherance of service to my community and to our country where my efforts will be helpful.  Where that road leads is to be determined.  But, I owe it to those who did not return home from combat with me, to keep serving and live life well.
Favorite part about the PLP so far?
My peers.  We have such a diverse group of folks, all talented and dedicated to improving the world around us.
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