The Sorensen Institute has a limited amount of financial aid to offer applicants accepted to participate in its programs who might require some financial assistance in order to attend. If you are interested in applying for financial aid, please review this page carefully.


  • Requests for financial aid or scholarships should be submitted with the application to the program. For 2023, financial aid applications for the Emerging Leaders Program and the High School Leaders Program will be submitted after acceptance into the program.
  • While program fees cover required lodging and those meals provided by Sorensen during programs, the program participants are responsible for their own travel and all other expenses including meals not provided by Sorensen. Financial aid applies only to program fees.
  • The overall amount of financial aid available is dependent on the overall success of attracting financial support for the Sorensen Institute. We generally can cover only a portion of the program fee for an individual but do try to make it easier for successful applicants with financial needs to participate in the program to which they have been accepted.
  • The financial aid process usually consists of filling out a short application describing a participant's financial needs and planned contribution toward their program fees. 
  • Program specific information:
    • For the 2023 Emerging Leaders Program, the financial aid application can be accessed from the button below and will be due on May 26, 2023. If you need additional information about the financial aid process, please contact JaVori Warren: jw3uj@virginia.edu.


      2023 ELP Financial Aid Application


    • For the 2023 High School Leaders Program, financial aid applications will be distributed after acceptance into the program.
Financial Aid form



The program fee payment for the programs is due before the program begins.  As a form of financial assistance, accepted participants may opt into a payment plan when they complete the program acceptance packet after admittance. The payment plan will include an additional convenience and processing fee.

The payment plan for the 2023 Emerging Leaders Program is four payments of $650.00 due on July 12, August 14, September 15, and October 10, 2023. Participants who receive financial aid will have any payment plan payments adjusted for any financial aid awarded.

Information about the payment plan for the 2023 High School Leaders Program will be made  available to accepted applicants.


Participants may find it desirable to request that their employers pay the program fee or seek funding from outside sources to cover part or all of the program fee. In either event, please coordinate with Sorensen staff so the funds can be properly allocated to the participant's account. However, the ultimate responsibility for payment of the program fee lies solely on the participant.


If you have questions about our financial aid program, please contact us