HSLP 2017, Session B: Day 3

Reported by: Choetsow Tenzin (Albemarle High School) & Akhil Srirama (Henrico High School)

Today was the first official day of class and the third day of the High School Leaders Program. We started the day bright and early with a 9 a.m. walk to Gibson Hall. After being formally introduced to Lauren Gilbert, we delved into the world of ethics and moral politics. We had productive and interesting group discussions about our notions of a perfect leader. Ms. Gilbert encouraged us rethink our preconceptions using different ethical scenarios.

HSLP 2017, Session B: Day 1

Reported by: Avery Warmack (Woodberry Forest School) & Parker Watts (James River High School)

Today was the first day of the Sorenson Institute's High School Leaders Program. After meeting Ms. Gilbert and the Youth Program Managers who will be assisting her, we moved into our rooms in Bice Hall from noon to 2 p.m. After the sign-in process was complete, Sean and John, two of our Youth Program Managers, took us on a brief tour of UVA's grounds, including our classroom, the Rotunda, and the Corner (the main shopping district near UVA).

HSLP 2017: Day 15

Reported by Kibiriti Majuto (Charlottesville High School)

On this final day of our time here at the Sorensen Institute for Political Leadership, I can’t help but reflect back on the last two weeks. There are vivid images of uncountable visits to the Corner, games of wiffle ball, and last minute scrambling to get the nightly readings done.